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Dynamic DUO

Dynamic DUO

Herb infused oil- 100 % PURE grapeseed oil Infused with the following Herbs: Vetiver root, Sennaflowers, vilumichai RootLicoriceRoot, Nigella seeds, DriedAmia, RosePetals, Alkanet, White turmeric, Bakfulflower, Bawchiseeds, SennaLeaves, Hennaseeds, Sweet flag, Myrobalan, Screwtreepods, Fenugreek seeds, Curry leaves, Rosemary.


Hair Growth Mask- This organic Pro-Growth Hair Mask is made with Shea butter, castor oil, hemp oil, and bergamot essential oil. It's lightweight and great for all hair types.


DO NOT INGEST, CONSUME, EAT ANY OF THE PRODUCTS! They are for external use ONLY!!!!!

If you have extremely sensitive skin, please TEST on one area of your skin/scalp to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. If you have an allergic reaction, PLEASE DISCONTINUE use IMMEDIATELY!


    All items are made to order. Therefore, ALL sales are final. There are not returns or exchanges.

$24.00 Regular Price
$23.98Sale Price
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